Social Justice Small Grants Program

The Mercy Foundation offers a Social Justice Small Grants Program once a year. Small grants are provided for a range of social justice and community initiatives and are not limited to a focus on homelessness. Funding under this program ranges between $1000 to $10,000 per organisation. The Social Justice Small Grants program is only available to NON PROFIT organisations. This program does not fund individuals or for-profit organisations. if the applicant has no legal status, an agency that does have legal status (non profit)  can be asked to auspice the project and hold any grant monies on behalf of the applicant. Click here for the definition of a not-for-profit organisation.

Priority will be given to small organisations and those groups that receive no other funding. If the organisation is a community group which is not an incorporated association, that group might seek out an ‘auspicing organisation’ that does have incorporated, company or other appropriate legal status. The Social Justice Small Grants Program funds projects within Australia only.

Innovative projects that require seed funding to increase social equity and inclusion and challenge unjust structures and systems will be prioritised. Your project must have a social justice emphasis.

Each year the Mercy Foundation may nominate a particular area of focus for the grants. The focus for 2017 is on projects that address social justice issues concerning older people. This means that projects that bring about a more inclusive society for older people, restore dignity to older people and foster solidarity among all generations, especially the young and old will be prioritised.

Priority may also be given to projects that target disadvantaged women and/or women with children, regardless of the annual social justice focus. Also please note that grant applications may be made for areas other than ageing.

We strongly recommend that you carefully read the downloadable application form which includes all information about the funding priorities for this year and all eligibility criteria. If you are unsure if you’re eligible or would like to discuss your application please phone the Foundation on 02 9911 7390.

The Foundation will respond to small grant requests within 12 weeks of the application deadline. The Foundation also seeks to minimise paperwork and reporting mechanisms for this program. 

Small grants will be initially assessed by Foundation staff but final recommendations will be made by the Grants sub-committee of the Board of the Foundation. Organisations that are successful will be notified as soon as possible and 50% of the funding provided upon confirmation. The final 50% will be provided following a brief report on the outcomes of the project. If the organisation requires alternative funding arrangements, the payment of the funds should be discussed with Mercy Foundation staff and may be varied accordingly.

Small Grants Criteria

Before you fill out an application form, please read the Small Grants criteria to ensure your project complies. Click here to read the criteria.

Download the form by clicking in the box below: