Conference Presentation

Philanthropic, Corporate and Private Sector Responses to Homelessness

26 July 2012

Today, the Mercy Foundation and the Council to Homeless People co-hosted the launch of the Parity edition on Philanthropic, Corporate and Private Sector Responses to Homelessness at UBS Australia, Chifley Square Sydney.

The Hon. Brendan O'Connor, Federal Minister for Housing, Homelessness and Small Business, launched the edition.

The Minister spoke about the importance of harnessing philanthropic and private sector support to help bring about an end to homelessness.

The Minister said:

"It is unacceptable in any country, particularly in a wealthy nation like ours, that a mother and child or children should have to sleep in a car indefinitely, or that a teenager sleeps rough on the streets, possibly fleeing from family or domestic violence or other concerns at home. Therefore we need to do more". 

The Minister spoke about projects where the private and public sector have worked together to bring about a real change to homelessness. These included:

  • Common Ground Sydney
  • 90 Homes for 90 Lives
  • Kids Under Cover

Felicity Reynolds welcomed everyone and introduced the speakers. She also made concluding remarks about working together with corporates, NGOs and government to solve homelessness. Other speakers were Jenny Smith, CEO, Council to Homeless Persons, Doug Taylor, CEO United Way Australia, Philip Coleman,Vice Chairman, UBS Australia.

The event highlighted how the collaboration of talent, resource and skills offered by philanthropists, corporates, private and public sectors can bring about real change in our community.

If you would like a copy of this edition of Parity, a limited number are available from the Mercy Foundation. 

We would warmly welcome the opportunity to work with other philanthropists, corporates, NGOs or businesses to help bring about an end to homelessness. Please don't hesitate to call Felicity on 02 9911 7390 to start a conversation.


Felicity Reynolds, The Hon. Brendan O'Connor,
Philip Coleman and Jenny Smith.