Media Release

Registry Week Results

11 November 2010


Sydney becomes the third Australian capital city to survey the people sleeping rough on its streets in a targeted approach to try to ensure the most vulnerable get into housing. Over 80 volunteers surveyed more than 260 people sleeping rough in inner Sydney about their housing and healthcare needs.
The volunteers used a survey tool called the Vulnerability Index, which captures housing, health, institutional history and other relevant data to develop a register of people who are homeless and their housing and healthcare needs so that the most vulnerable can be prioritised for housing and support services.
The Vulnerability Index is based on research which revealed eight key health indicators that a homeless individual is at greater risk than people with the same health indicators who are housed.
The Mercy Foundation has partnered with the City of Sydney and other organisations including the Way2Home outreach service, the Salvation Army and Missionbeat to conduct Sydney Registry Week.
We sincerely thank our outstanding volunteers, our colleagues from Micah Projects Queensland, Wentworth Community Housing and other workers from the Nepean region, to Kara and Catherine from Common Ground USA. We also thank Freehills, United Way and UBS for being part of this important project.
To download the topline reults, click the link below: