A message from Sr Loreto Conroy

Sr Loreto Conroy is the Congregation Leader of the Sisters of Mercy North Sydney. 

Since 1865 the Sisters of Mercy, North Sydney, have devoted their lives to carrying on the legacy of Catherine McAuley and Mother Ignatuis McQuoin.

Catherine was a charismatic social reformer, driven by the words of the Gospel and her unrelenting pursuit for social justice.  Mother Ignatius McQuoin established many ministries to address the needs of the community. In particularly  education, health care and concern for the vulnerable and poor.

In 1990, the Sisters of Mercy North Sydney established the Mercy Foundation as their vehicle to continue their commitment to alleviate poverty and challenge the structures that contribute to social inequity.

For 30 Years the Mercy Foundation has been challenging unfair structures and systems and continues to give support to communities and organizations. The Mercy Foundation has been committed to ending homelessness, human trafficking and slavery.

We are extremely blessed with such dedicated staff who continue to promote the mission and provide ongoing leadership.

This poem “Our Mercy Foundation”, by Sister Mary Joseph Wightley RSM echoes the sentiments of the Sisters.

Oh, it did my Mercy heart good
To hear our frontliners last weekend
The fledging woman woman who vowed her life
Resurrected with cries of
Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.
Here was the charism
Here was the reading of the times
Here was flexibility
Here was Mercy Service.
At the end of our time
There still is  LIFE.
At this critical point in our history
The Foundation validates the struggles and sacrifices
Reassuring us it was worthwhile and authentic.
Once again we realise
Small, indeed, is beautiful.
Strength to your arms
And blessings on your endeavours
Responding to present day needs,
You carry our hopes and identity
Into an uncertain future

This is our legacy.

Mercy Blessings,

Loreto Conroy RSM