A reminder not to use people’s trauma to sell your service

04 Nov 2014

Iain’s most recent blog reminds us to be careful about how we share the good work we do and the care we should take in not re-traumatising people by asking them to share their story to highlight the good work that we do as an organisation. Iain’s words spoke to us at the Mercy Foundation – as we have long had a policy of great care about using people’s personal stories of homelessness, trauma, recovery and success. We do sometimes share such stories in a non-identifiable way and we have sometimes asked people who have moved from homelessness into housing to share with us and others the story of their journey. But always when we know they are well prepared and have adequate support. That said, Iain’s latest blog still gave us additional pause for thought and some alternative approaches to this often overlooked issue.

We are regularly asked by media and others to make the work we do a bit more personal by sharing personal stories. Whilst I understand why these requests are made, we should all take care that we aren’t re-traumatising people and as Iain writes: "Let them move forward in their life as a housed person. Stop bringing them back to tell their story of homelessness."

To read Iain’s article go this link.