Ageing on the Edge NSW Report – ‘The older I get the scarier it becomes’

15 Dec 2017

The Housing for the Aged Action Group and the University of Adelaide recently finalised and launched their report on the issue of older people in housing stress, housing insecurity and homelessness in NSW. It paints an alarming picture of older people’s housing situations and raises important issues about the lack of affordable housing in NSW and most especially in Sydney. The report makes a number of recommendations – including the need to increase social and affordable housing supply, the additional need to ensure that an older persons housing and homelessness information service (similar to Victoria’s Home at Last service) is established.

The report was launched at the National Housing Conference with key speakers who included older women who have experienced housing stress and homelessness as well as academic researchers on the issue. The Hon Susan Ryan spoke to the issue of aged discrimination and housing. Felicity Reynolds, CEO of the Mercy Foundation also spoke and called, again, for State Government re-investment in public housing as well as support for innovations that will address and prevent older women’s homelessness, such as shared equity models.

Much work has been done on the data and information contained in the report by Mr Jeff Fiedler and Dr Deb Faulkner. They were also advised by a NSW based Reference Group from homelessness, housing, aged services, women’s sector and advocacy organisations.

The summary of the report can be accessed here

The entire report can be accessed here