Annual Rental Affordability Snapshot

10 May 2017

Each year for the past 8 years Anglicare in Australia has conducted a rental affordability snapshot. And each year the picture just keeps getting worse. This year, Anglicare found only 6% of the rental housing they looked at was affordable for people living on government benefits.

Consistent with previous years, the survey shows that a single person on Youth Allowance and Newstart would find it almost impossible to find an affordable home anywhere in Australia, whether regional or metropolitan. In Western Australia, the ACT and the Northern Territory there wasn’t a single property affordable to a single person living on Newstart or Youth Allowance. There were none, either, in Sydney or Brisbane; and less than handful of affordable properties found in Tasmania (n=6), Central Queensland (n=8), regional NSW (n=3), Victoria (n=6) and regional South Australia (n=5).

Angloicare notes that affordable rental options are severely limited for single people on any
government payment. Housing affordability has also deteriorated for single people living on
minimum wage, with the number of suitable houses falling from 5.3% to 2.83% (n=1914)

Anglicare suggests a number of recommendations to address this situation. One key recommendation is in line with the Mercy Foundation’s long held view that Housing First must be adopted as the most effective method to end homelessness in Australia.

To read the Anglicare report, click here.