New campaign targets young people at risk of forced marriage

11 Apr 2018

A new campaign has been launched to let young people know what services are available for help if they believe they are at risk of a forced marriage. The campaign also helps raise awareness about this issue in Australia.

Watch the three videos on My Blue Sky’s facebook page.

Forced marriage is generally experienced by women under 18 years of age, although some young men may be at risk too. Forced marriage occurs when a person enters into a marriage without giving free and full consent. If consent comes about as a result of coercion, threat or deception, or because the person was incapable of understanding the nature and effect of the marriage ceremony, the marriage is a forced marriage. Forced marriage is illegal, whether it takes place in Australia or if the person is sent overseas to marry.

The campaign was developed by CORE Community Services and Why Documentaries.

Read more about the issue of forced marriage and watch the campaign here:

For more information about forced marriage in Australia visit My Blue Sky