New research: Gender responsive strategies for women experiencing long-term and recurrent homelessness

31 May 2019

Just released! A new research report by Jane Bullen, Didn’t feel heard, didn’t think I had a voice, didn’t feel safe: Gender responsive strategies for assisting women experiencing long-term and recurrent homelessness.

This is the second stage of a research project which aims to identify and assess gender-responsive service strategies and plans for assisting women who have experienced long-term and recurrent homelessness, and monitoring these responses.

Some of the identified strategies for services to better meet women’s needs are:

  • A strong service philosophy that is human-centred, gender responsive, flexible, respectful, strengths based and that supports self determination.
  • Services are safe, trauma informed and home-like
  • Specialist or targeted services for women with specific needs.

The Mercy Foundation provided funding to support the two stages of research.

The research is available here:


The first stage of the research, Meeting the needs of Chronically Homeless Women, can be accessed here.