New research on older Australians experiencing homelessness

28 Nov 2019

The increasing number of older people experiencing homelessness is a great concern for all Australians. AHURI has released a new research report that examines the issues that affect older people experiencing homelessness.

  • One in of every seven Australians experiencing homelessness is aged 55 years or over
  • 32 per cent of Australians over 55 years old live on less than $400 personal weekly income (the 2014 OECD poverty line)
  • Life ‘shocks’ later in life such as the death of a spouse, relationship breakdown or a decline in health are key reasons older people become homeless
  • Out of more than 1,500 homelessness services nationally only three are specialist services for older people

Poverty is the root cause of homelessness amongst older Australians. Affordable, secure and appropriate housing is central to solving homelessness for this group.

Read the report here.