Sydney and ‘A Place to Call Home’ – An International Collaboration

29 May 2018

The Institute for Global Homelessness (IGH) which is based in Chicago was established in 2014 and is supported by DePaul International. The IGH supports evidence based and informed local and national efforts across the globe to bring about an end to homelessness. The Chair of the IGH is Dame Louise Casey who was the UK’s ‘Homelessness Czar’ during the very successful rough sleeper strategy implemented by the Blair government in the late 1990s.

In May 2018 the IGH held an international meeting of ‘vanguard’ cities who have signed on or plan to sign on to the ‘A Place to Call Home’ initiative. The Mercy Foundation was represented at that meeting. The goal of the discussions was to establish clear objectives towards ending rough sleeping in each of the vanguard cities by 2030. Strategy and objectives for the next two and half years in each of the cities were discussed and agreed.

Sydney has much to gain from becoming a ‘vanguard’ city and having international support for its effort to end street homelessness and ensure everyone in our city has a place to call home. The Mercy Foundation looks forward to staying in touch with the IGH and continuing to support this work in collaboration with other organisations working in the sector in Sydney.

The Mercy Foundation co-ordinated the first Registry Week in Sydney in 2010 and has provided advice and training for other registry weeks throughout Australia since then. Much has been learned over the past 8 years. We look forward to providing our expertise and experience with the Registry Week methodology as part of Sydney’s effort to know who is experiencing street homelessness and using a housing first methodology in the wider collaboration of organisations that will ensure people are linked with housing and support.

We will keep you posted on progress on ‘A Place to Call Home’ in Sydney.