Trafficking in Persons Report released

02 Feb 2021

The UNODC’s Trafficking in Persons report highlights the likelihood that the COVID-19 economic recession will result in more people at risk of trafficking.

  • Females continue to be most at risk. For every 10 victims, 5 are women and 2 are girls.
  • Children account for 1/3 of all detected victims.
  • As illustrated by previous economic downturns, the pandemic is likely to increase trafficking in persons particularly in countries experiencing the fastest and most persistent drops in employment.

The policy considerations recommended include to:

  • establish specialised national anti-trafficking agencies  with multidisciplinary expertise
  • strengthen supply chain integrity
  • address trafficking in persons facilitated by use of the internet
  • ensure that victims are not punished for acts they commit as a result of trafficking
  • ensure survivors have access to housing, medical treatment, employment, education and training opportunities
  • promote anti-trafficking policy development based on solid research and data.

The report can be accessed here.