Projects funded – Social Justice Small Grants

Since 1990, the Mercy Foundation has funded numerous community projects across Australia, positively impacting on countless people’s lives, restoring dignity and helping to create a more just world.

The heroes are the dedicated workers and volunteers in community organisations who recognise the injustice and work with the people affected to bring about lasting change.

Below are a few examples of projects funded over the last 30 years.

SisterWorks Home Shepparton – A home for our regional sisters 

Seed funding was provided to help establish a workplace and learning centre in regional Victoria. The project helped marginalised migrant women find employment, receive basic skill training in sewing, cooking, knitting, and jewellery making, with a view to making their own product line or existing SisterWorks products.

RISE Driving Program                                                                  

Obtaining a driver’s licence is a financial burden for newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers. Chances for employment and education are greatly enhanced by having a driver’s licence. There is an identified need for an all inclusive driver education program that addresses the linguistic and cultural needs of refugees. There are 400 people on the wait-list for the driving program.

Dress for Success Sydney – Get Smart Youth Workshops                                                                    

This project provided seed funding to expand the Get Smart Workshop series to launch a pilot workshop series to specifically target and support young girls from out of home care to increase their employability skills and likelihood of securing employment when transitioning to independent living.

The Nest Community Inc –  The Garden Project                                                                                      

This activity provided senior women with the opportunity to work together to produce a garden on the grounds of The Nest Community Home.  The project enabled women to socialise, care for plants, propagate seedlings and share their knowledge, whilst also improving their physical health.

Grandparents For Grandchildren SA Inc – Grandcarers Education Support Fund

This project helped grandparents on a limited income, who are caring for their grandchildren, to access funds to assist them in purchasing educational resources, excursions, school shoes or other materials needed to support the child’s learning.

Produce to the People Inc. – Community Food Project 

This project provided opportunities for older people living with a disability to attend the farm located on the grounds of Burnie High School and participate in a range of activities.  The project was designed to foster multigenerational collaboration between high school students and older members of our community.

Cana  –  Life Transformation program 

Cana Farm’s Life Transformation Program offers marginalized men and women the opportunity to engage in counselling, vocational training, workplace readiness and education programs.

Uniting Communities –  Women’s Money Matters 

This program provided financial health and literacy sessions to clients of a Women’s Legal Service. The program provided women with an insight into their own levels of financial health and literacy, accurate and up to date financial literacy information and workshops where financial management, financial literacy information and skills was put into practice. The project also offered access to one-on-one financial counselling for women experiencing financial difficulties

KWILS – Katherine Women’s Information and Legal Service

This project funded the development of resources to assist practitioners in the Katherine region of the Northern Territory to  educate women about Domestic and Family Violence, their rights and other legal issues. The project also involved training of staff across the region to use the resources.

Bowen Residents’ Action Group – After School Club and Homework Centre                                                                    

This project funded the After School Club and Homework Centre to enable children to learn how to use computers, do their homework, work on assignments or enjoy reading books

YMCA Katherine – Binjari Holiday Program

The Binjari Holiday Program provided children in the Binjari region with an opportunity to engage in fun activities over the Christmas break. Additionally, it offered families and individuals who may need further assistance such as finance, education and general life skills to connect to services providers in the Katherine community.

Males in Black SA – Back to Bush Camp

Males In Black is a group of respected Aboriginal men in Port Augusta providing personal mentoring and support to young Aboriginal people. The Back to Bush Camp program, endeavoured to re-establish traditional cultural links and to build the relationship between the two generations.