Mercy Youth Awards 2019
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Entries must be received by midnight, AEST, Friday 5 July 2019. Winners will be announced mid August 2019. By submitting this form, students acknowledge that they have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions for the Mercy Foundation Youth Awards 2019.

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Quick Quiz
(please read about Housing First on our website before completion)

Answer a) b) or c) to the following questions:

1) Housing First is based on the idea that:
a) permanent housing is the first priority for people experiencing long-term homelessness
b) young couples buying their first home should get financial support
c) housing should be the first major purchase an adult makes*

2) Housing First is for:
a) people who have experienced long-term chronic homelessness
b) young couples buying their first home
c) mothers having their first baby*

3) The known benefits of Housing First are:
a) improved ability for people to participate in education, training, employment and community
b) people can live in bigger houses
c) more food is available to people living on the streets*

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