A home for survivors of modern slavery

Lighthouse’s holistic approach recognises the complex trauma survivors face and works to build resilience and self-esteem.   In addition to a home and access to education and employment, the Young Women’s Freedom Program (YWFP) offers live-in therapeutic carers, counselling, legal assistance and medical and services. By addressing immediate needs and overcoming barriers, the YWFP empowers survivors to escape exploitative situations.

The comprehensive range of services and personalised care have been instrumental in helping young women break free from modern slavery and move towards a positive future.

Since its establishment in October 2018, YWFP has served 17 women aged 16-28, with diverse cultural backgrounds. Of these, nine have successfully exited the program, spending an average of 16 months, while eight are still receiving support (average stay of 8 months).

“Mercy Foundation’s grant funding has been instrumental in supporting Lighthouse Foundation’s Young Women’s Freedom Program (YWFP) and our mission to combat modern slavery and provide essential services to survivors.”

Susan Barton AO
Founder, Lighthouse Foundation