Ending Human Trafficking and Slavery

Since 1990, the Mercy Foundation has been challenging unfair structures and systems that result in poverty by taking action and working in partnership with other organisations, providing seed funding for projects, advocacy with all levels of government and education to help bring about real change for disadvantaged Australians.


Human trafficking and slavery exploits highly vulnerable men, women and children experiencing poverty. It denies fundamental human rights and strips people of human dignity. In Australia,

  • forced labour
  • domestic servitude,
  • deceptive recruitment for labour or services,
  • forced or early marriage and
  • debt bondage

are all manifestations of human trafficking and slavery.

Human trafficking and slavery is a new area of interest for the Mercy Foundation. Globally, the Sisters of Mercy have been working to address this issue over the last few years and are making inroads in prevention and responses to this issue, especially where women and girls are concerned. The Mercy network is working to eradicate human trafficking through addressing root causes, raising awareness and lobbying to change related policies, whilst ensuring there is national legislation in place to protect, facilitate justice for, and offer full support to survivors of trafficking.
We are currently working on how we can best make a contribution to ending human trafficking and slavery in Australia.

Image credit: CC Flikr/FADWU