Australian Alliance to End Homelessness

The AAEH works to end homelessness in Australia. It is an independent voice that advocates for and fosters evidence based approaches to resolving all types of homelessness. It works to influence effective service provision, build local capacity and improve national and state homelessness policy. It does this by involving practitioners, policy makers, academic, corporate and community leaders.

Effective local responses, built on robust and well informed research and national and state policy will solve homelessness and reduce the financial cost to our community. It will also reduce the personal, emotional, health and service costs to individuals and families who experience homelessness.

The AAEH advocates for a whole of community response to solving homelessness. The housing, homelessness, health, employment and other sectors will need to work together to solve this problem. It will not be solved without systemic solutions to this systemic problem.

Homelessness will be solved through coordinated local effort, supported by a national agenda that focuses on housing and effective community support.