Home in a Box Project

Many people moving into housing after spending a significant period of time being homeless have few possessions.

Moving into a new home is an expensive process. The cost of setting up a new home can be beyond the reach of people with very limited financial resources. Home in a Box provides formerly homeless people with the warmth and comfort of their own sheets, towels, pillows, dinner set, kettle, toaster, kitchenware, utensils and other essential items that make a house a home.

A Kid’s Pack is available to ensure children are helped to settle into their new home too.

Home in a Box was developed to help people sustain their housing, by creating a home.

How does it work?

A support or tenancy worker contacts the Mercy Foundation when they have been able to organise permanent housing for a client who has been experiencing chronic homelessness. Recipients of Home in a Box must be moving into permanent housing, not transitional housing. Providers of transitional housing opportunities should be responsible for ensuring that their housing and support is appropriate and comfortable. The support worker signs an agreement, confirming that their client meets the criteria – that is, that they have experienced chronic homelessness, that they have no resources to set up a home with and that they will be continue to support their client after they move into housing. The support worker delivers Home in a Box to the family or individual that they have helped to house.

Over 500 Homes in Boxes have now been distributed to help individuals and families settle into their new home after experiencing homelessness. We thank our supporters and donors for your generous support.

Home in a  Box is available to non-government service or tenancy providers who do not have access to funds to provide these items.

Please note: At this point in time the Mercy Foundation can only supply boxes to people in Sydney and surrounding regions.

Thanks to our suppliers:

 Feedback from recipients:

I have just received feedback from the gentleman last week, he was in tears, he said he had never been given anything so beautiful and new. He said “I am a rough old man, I’m not used to fluffy towels. I need for nothing, now I have everything”.

Thanks very much for the great box full of goods, which have gone a long way in helping me set up a home. When you come off the street,you have nothing, only what you are standing in and a backpack. When I received these boxes, I was overwhelmed that there are people willing to help a guy like me set up a home. Thank you all for your wonderful gifts.