Mercy Youth Awards

How can our purchases help create a fair and sustainable world?

We don’t realise that as consumers, we can have an enormous impact in creating a fairer society and a more sustainable future for our planet. This year the Mercy Youth Awards encourages students to think about the choices they make when purchasing products.

The competition will encourage students to learn about the supply chain of products and services and educate them about the facts of what constitutes a good supply chain.

What is a supply chain? 

A supply chain refers to all the ingredients, processing, manufacturing and distribution that goes into producing what we buy. It refers to the entire process of how a product gets made and delivered to you. It involves a sequence of steps and multiple companies and people working together.

What is an ethical and sustainable supply chain?

Ethical supply chains work to produce products and services in a way that treats the environment, and all involved ethically, considering economic, environment and social responsibility factors.

The student’s challenge is to:

  • Answer the quiz, ensuring you read the information about Supply Chains first
  • Create a visual representation (eg artwork/photo/cartoon/collage) that illustrates What is an ethical supply chain?*
  • Upload your entry to the website
  • Briefly explain your entry in 100 words

Read information provided on ethical supply chains and answer our quiz about supply chains.

*Ideas for your artwork:
Investigate the supply chain of one of your favourite products, like fashion, digital devices, chocolate, and make a poster that illustrates some of the supply chain issues for that product.


1st Prize:  $1,000 to the winning entrant AND $1,000 to the winning school

2nd Prize: $500 to the winning entrant AND $500 to the winning school

3rd Prize: $250 to the winning entrant AND $250 to the winning school

$100 vouchers will be awarded to 10 highly commended entries AND $250 will be awarded to the school that submits the most entries

Schools are requested to spend their money on social justice resources and/or activities to promote social justice in your school and/or a charity addressing social justice issues in Australia.

The total Prize pool is $4,750.


The judging panel will consist of a guest judge from Be Slavery Free, a Board member from the Mercy Foundation and Mercy Foundation staff.

Competition opens 29 April

Entries close 5 August, 2024

For more information, please call the Mercy Foundation on 02 9911 7390 or email