Mercy Youth Awards 2022

Congratulations to the winners of the Mercy Youth Awards!

1st prize: Ava W. from Emmanuel College Warrnambool

2nd prize: Anjani M. from Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College

3rd prize: Emma K. from Orange High School NSW

The calibre of entries was very high and judging was difficult. We are very grateful to Kyle Tink MP, member for North Sydney, who was a great help with judging. Kylea is passionate about climate change, the subject for this year’s awards.
Another 11 entries were awarded Highly Commended prizes, from the following schools:
    • Catherine McAuley College Bendigo VIC
    • Emmanuel College Warrnambool VIC
    • Farrer Memorial High School Tamworth NSW
    • MacKillop College Bathurst NSW
    • Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College North Sydney NSW
Thank you to all students for your entries.
First prize: Ava W., Emmanuel College Warrnambool
When I think about climate change, actions we could take include planting trees, looking after gardens and our native environment, creating green spaces, focusing on pollutants in the atmosphere. My greatest concern, and a strong focus of my painting, is pollution of the air, land and water. My painting shows a dark creature as a destructive force, pushing against the natural environment in the form of Mother Nature. I’ve tried to capture the struggle of the creature trying to overtake nature which shows how pollution can directly contaminate the surface and leave its mark infecting our land. But Mother Nature is always fighting back, giving hope.
Second prize: Anjani M., Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College
‘The Lightest Touch’ is informed by my interaction with my school’s natural environment. Appropriated from Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam,’ it explores how we respond to environmental issues by communicating with the Cammeraygal people to find culturally appropriate solutions to the imbalance we have created. The biggest issues for me in regard to climate change is finding the balance where human activity doesn’t negatively impact the environment so that the needs of all creation flourish. This I feel can be achieved by respecting the knowledge of our First Nations people who have lived sustainably with this country for millennia.
Third prize: Emma K., Orange High School
Steps I can take to address climate change include recycling, using public transport, using less electricity and plastic as well as buying products from local markets or Australian made. I can also use my voice and advocate for change to make government and society become aware of the issues associated with climate change. My greatest concern about climate change is the amount of people who are at risk of becoming displaced due to climate change such as rising sea levels and the growing frequency of natural disaster. Our planet is currently unable to support our growing global population and the effects of climate change are not making the problem any better.

The Mercy Youth Awards

The Mercy Foundation Youth Awards is a competition open to high school students across Australia from years 7 to 12. The competition aims to encourage you to learn more about social justice issues in Australia. The competition opens Monday 9 May and closes 5 August 2022. 

This year’s topic is Caring for our Earth. It has never been more important or urgent to care for our earth.  In the last few years many of us have experienced the impacts of climate change.  Disasters such as drought, flood and fire have featured local, nationally and globally.  Climate change needs to be managed by the government, however individuals can also make changes in their day to day approach to life that will help make a difference.  With the proper approach and care it is possible to maintain or return our planet to a better state than we currently find it in.

1) Create a visual representation, like a cartoon, artwork, collage or photo, that shows the everyday actions that you can take to help address climate change. Take a photo of your creation and upload it with your entry form (NB no faces in your photo).

2) Each entry must include a written paragraph (no longer than 100 words) that explains your photo (ie the everyday actions that you can take to help address climate change). Also, please tell us what is your greatest concern about climate change.

3) AND fill out the Climate Change quiz.

Entry form and quiz available online here

Where to find resources on Climate Change

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First Prize:
$700 will be awarded to the winning Entrant and $700 will be awarded to the winning school*

Second Prize:
$350 will be awarded to the winning Entrant and $350 will be awarded to the winning school*

Third Prize:
$200 will be awarded to the winning Entrant and $200 will be awarded to the winning school*

$50 vouchers will be awarded to the next top 10 entries and the school that submits the most entries wins $250.*

*Please note that the  judges may award more than one winner in each category. In this case, the winners will share the prize money.

Winners will be notified by the end of August.

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