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Please refer to these resources about Homelessness before completion:

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    *Answer a) b) c) or d) to the following questions:

    1) *How do we solve homelessness?
    a) By providing people experiencing chronic homelessness with a safe, secure, affordable home and access to the support needed to help them restart their lives.
    b) By increasing the supply of social and affordable housing
    c) By helping people get back into permanent housing as quickly as possible
    d) All of the above

    2) *Which of these statements is correct? (Hint: read Myths and Facts first)
    a) Almost all homeless people are males
    b) People choose to be homeless
    c) It costs society more money to leave people on the streets than it does to solve their homelessness.
    d) Homelessness could never happen to me

    3) *Who is responsible for ending homelessness?
    a) State Government
    b) Federal Government
    c) All of us
    d) All of the above

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