What are the signs of Human Trafficking and Slavery?

The following points may indicate that a person is a victim of human trafficking, slavery or slavery-like practices:

The person:

  • never or rarely leaves their accommodation for non-work reasons;
  • is living at the place of work or another place owned or controlled by their employer;
  • has little or no money or no access to their earnings;
  • has physical injuries which may have resulted for assault, harsh treatment or unsafe work practices;
  • is always in the presence of their employer, who does not want or allow the worker to socialise with others;
  • works excessively long hours and have few, if any, days off
  • appears to be servicing a large debt to their employer or a third party;
  • does not possess their passport or travel/identity documents, which are with their employer or a third party, and the person is unable to access these documents when they wish to do so;
  • does not have a labour or employment contract/agreement , or they do not understand the terms or conditions of their employment;
  • is unable to terminate their employment at any time;
  • is subject to different or less favourable working conditions than other employees because he/she comes from overseas;
  • regularly between different workplaces, including interstate.