Further Reading

Lived Experience of Migrant Women: Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait (2019) This study is the result of the stories of 24 women who left their home country for work. Their experiences reflect the exploitation that many migrant women face in domestic work. Section 10 identifies Good Practices and Recommendations for destination countries such as Australia.

Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act Guidance for Reporting Entities  The Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018 established Australia’s national Modern Slavery Reporting Requirement (reporting requirement). The aim of this Guide is to explain in plain language what entities need to do to comply with the Act.

Practice of dowry and the incidence of dowry abuse in Australia Feb 2019, Legal and Constitutional Affairs Reference Committee, Commonwealth of Australia

Estimating the dark figure of human trafficking and slavery victimisation in Australia 2019 Samantha Lyneham, Christopher Dowling and Samantha Bricknell
A new statistical technique reveals that approximately 1 in 4 victims of human trafficking and slavery are undetected in Australia.

Mercy Foundation Submission Inquiry into a Modern Slavery Act in Australia 2017
Mercy Foundation

When saying no is not an option: Forced marriage in Australia and New Zealand, Samantha Lyneham and Samantha Bricknell
Australian Institute of Criminology 

Hidden Exploitation: Women in forced labour, marriage and migration, Associate Professor Jennifer Burn, Frances Simmons, Jemma Hollonds, Kate Power, Pam Stewart and Nicole Watson
Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand and Anti Slavery Australia

Human trafficking involving marriage and partner migration to Australia, Samantha Lyneham and Kelly Richards
Australian Institute of Criminology

I have a voice – Trafficked women in their own words, Dr Angela Reed RSM and Marietta Latonio RSW worked with 40 Filipino women who were trafficked for sexual exploitation in the Filipino province of Cebu. The research reveals a slow process of victimisation beginning in early childhood, that made them easy prey to traffickers.

Without Choice: Examining Forced Marriage in Australia
RMIT University and Salvation Army

Temporary Migration and Family Violence: An analysis of victimisation, vulnerability and support, Marie Segrave
Monash University

Developing innovative, best practice solutions to address forced marriage in Australia, Laura Vidal
Churchill Fellowships

Image credit: CC Flikr/ILO