National Action Plan to Combat Modern Slavery

21 Dec 2020

National Action Plan to Combat Modern Slavery 2020-2025 was launched in December 2020. The plan was developed in consultation with civil society organisations, unions, peak bodies and academic researchers.

The plan contains five national strategic priorities:

  1. Prevent
  2. Disrupt, investigate and prosecute
  3. Support and protect
  4. Partner
  5. Research.

“Under this National Action Plan, we will implement a strategic program of initiatives to prevent, disrupt, investigate and prosecute modern slavery crimes. We will support and protect victims and survivors, and further our understanding of modern slavery through enhanced research and data collection. We will do this in partnership with international partners, civil society, business, unions, academia and governments both in Australia and abroad. Modern slavery crimes concern us all and everyone has a role in addressing them.”

Read the plan here.