A housing system that serves us all: the human right to housing


A housing system that serves us all: The human right to housing

Wednesday 13 September 2023 from 9.30am  – 10.30am

A new approach to housing is urgently needed in Australia. The current housing and homelessness systems are failing to uphold and protect the right to housing, resulting in insecure, unstable housing and homelessness. Housing is a fundamental human right that affords people dignity. It is key to physical and mental health, quality of life and wellbeing.

Dr Jessie Hohmann will explore the human right to housing, how current housing and homelessness policies and practices are violating the right to housing and how we, as a civil society, can bring about change.

Our expert panel will discuss how the current system is exacerbating inequality and disproportionately impacting on marginalised groups in our community.

We will reveal the opportunities to transform our housing and homelessness systems using a rights-based approach, that delivers on the right to housing for all of us.

The Australian Government is currently taking submissions to develop a national housing and homelessness plan. Learn how you can help bring about the change needed to ensure our housing system serves us all.


  • A/Prof Jessie Hohmann PhD, Faculty of Law, UTS and international expert on the right to housing
  • Ms Annabel Senior, Chair, Mercy Foundation
  • Ms Sunila Kotwal, Executive Officer, Immigrant Women’s SpeakOut Association of NSW
  • Ms Yumi Lee, CEO Older Women’s Network NSW
  • A/Prof Mary-Ann O’Donovan PhD, Executive Director, Centre for Disability Studies an affiliate of the University of Sydney
  • Ms Sue Mowbray, CEO Mercy Foundation


Guide for Advocacy on the Right to Housing

Dr Jessie Hohmann developed a brief handbook The Human Right to Housing: A Guide for Civil Society to assist any organisation or individual to include the human right to housing in submissions, letters, proposals or any feedback opportunities around housing and homelessness.

The federal government is now accepting submissions for the development of the National housing and Homelessness Plan. We recommend you include the right to housing and all its considerations when writing your submission.

The guide can be downloaded here: The Human Right to Housing: A Guide for Civil Society