Working at the coalface of homelessness

 A conversation with Molisa Carney, Case Manager at Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (NNC). 

Through the Home in a Box project, the Mercy Foundation has supported NNC for many years, a service that works at the coalface of homelessness in inner Sydney. We were fortunate to spend some time with Molisa, a case manager at NNC, to discuss her role in supporting her clients, finding them homes and helping them move off the streets and into a safe and comfortable home. 

Molisa discussed the many challenges that faced an individual when they become homeless. Much of Molisa’s role is to connect her clients to various services. She commented that there was “no ‘one’ client”, that each client was an individual. Each client had their own set of challenges, however they all have the common experience of trauma. 

Molisa reiterated that amongst her clients, the difficulties of homelessness were further compounded by the many challenges they faced, such as living with a disability, mental health issues, addictions and the readjustment to everyday life following incarceration. Homelessness does not discriminate against race or sex. 

Molisa is a passionate and dedicated case manager, who works to house and support her clients and reduce the barriers her clients face in finding suitable accommodation. Molisa also advocates for more housing, responding to the overwhelming shortage of housing needed to end her clients’ homelessness.

Molisa expressed her gratitude to the Mercy Foundation for the Home in a Box project, that provides the essentials needed by her clients to help make a house a home. She said that the boxes were of great value and gave her clients much needed assistance at a time in their life when they have nothing.