Home in a Box Update

June 2022

Home in a Box helps create a welcoming home as families and individuals move from the traumatic experience of homelessness into their own home. Since July 2021, we have sent out 101 Homes in Boxes to help families and individuals make a fresh start. Home in a Box not only creates a home, it helps restore dignity and self-esteem.

“It’s got everything you need to set up a home, it’s the best. It had all the basics and was very handy. I loved it”.

We continue to receive many requests for Home in a Box from some of the most dedicated workers from services in Sydney. It is a practical and much needed contribution to help families and individuals to settle into their new home, lay down roots and recover from the experience of homelessness.

“Thank you for your support, it makes an enormous difference.”

This year, Homes in Boxes have assisted the following families and individuals:

  • A young mum and two children, homeless for 24 months due to domestic violence
  • A mum and two pre-schoolers, escaping domestic violence and homeless for 6 months
  • A mum and her daughter who were homeless for 9 months
  • A woman in her 40’s, living with disability, who was homeless for 7 years.
  • Another woman with a history of rough sleeping for most of her life
  • A man who was homeless for 10 years
  • A man in his 50’s who was sleeping rough for many years
  • A young woman with complex needs, homeless for 11 months

We are very grateful for your support of Home in a Box, which has helped provide a warm and welcoming home for mums with children and many individuals who have experienced the trauma of homelessness.

Thank you to the many donors to the Home in a Box project, and to our generous partners: