Details for Students

As consumers, we can have an enormous impact in creating a fairer society and a more sustainable future for our planet. This year the Mercy Youth Awards encourages you to think about the choices we make when purchasing products. The competition will help you learn about the supply chain of products and services and educate them about the facts of what constitutes a good supply chain.

1. Introduction

The Mercy Foundation Youth Awards is a competition open to high school students across Australia from Years 7 – 12. The competition will encourage you to learn more about social justice issues. This year the focus is ending homelessness.

2. Competition Details

The theme for 2024 is what is an ethical supply chain? Your challenge is to:

1) Create a visual representation, like a cartoon, artwork, collage or photo, that shows what is an ethical supply chain? You might explore the supply chain of a product such as chocolate, fashion, sports balls or digital devices. Websites such as and are helpful, as are other links on the Links and Resources page. Take a photo of your creation and upload it with your entry form on our website
NB no faces in the photo.

2) Each entry must include a written paragraph (no longer than 100 words) that explains your photo.

3) Fill out the quiz on the online entry form.

3. Important Notes:

  • Only one entry per person
  • An entrant is an individual student
  • Strictly no faces to feature in the image
  • No brand names or logos

4. Judging

The judging committee comprises staff and Board members of the Mercy Foundation and a special guest judge. Entries will be assessed according to the accuracy of quiz answers and the content, creativity, originality, effort and quality of both the photo and written content.

5. Entries

  1. Entries must consist of a photograph uploaded with the online entry form. The online entry form is available on our website
  2. Photographs should be a maximum of 2MB and in the format of a JPEG, GIF or PNG. JPEG is the preferred format. A PDF will also be accepted.
  3. Photos should be saved using student’s name and school e.g. SmithH_SydneyHigh.jpeg
  4. If for any reason they are unable to use the online entry form, please contact us by or call 02 9911 7390.
  5. By submitting an entry, the student acknowledges that they have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions for the Mercy Foundation Youth Awards 2024. The Terms and Conditions are available on our website
  6. The photo and entry must be the student’s original work created for the competition.
  7. The Mercy Foundation will acknowledge all entries received. It is your responsibility to ensure that we have received your entry.
  8. Photographs may be exhibited at a public event later this year. More information will be provided closer to the event.
  9. The closing date is 5 August 2024.

For more information, please call the Mercy Foundation on 02 9911 7390 or email


1st Prize: $1,000 to the winning entrant AND $1,000 to the winning school

2nd Prize: $500 to the winning entrant AND $500 to the winning school

3rd Prize: $250 to the winning entrant AND $250 to the winning school

$100 vouchers will be awarded to 10 highly commended entries AND $250 will be awarded to the school that submits the most entries.

Schools are requested to spend their money on social justice resources and/or activities to promote social justice in your school and/or a charity addressing social justice issues in Australia.

Note that more than one winner may be awarded in each place. If this is the case, the prize money will be shared between the winning entrants and the winning schools.

The total Prize pool is $4,750