A silver lining?

April 2020

Our world is grappling with COVID-19 and its consequences. While we don’t have a vaccination or cure, most of us have access to one thing that will protect us from the virus. A home. Our home provides us with safety, security and the ability to physically isolate ourselves.

What if you don’t have a home? Around 8,200 Australians sleep rough on any given night. People sleeping rough often have health challenges that put them at great risk if they become ill with COVID-19.

Providing shelter has become a top priority for a number of newly formed task forces across Australia. People sleeping rough are being offered temporary accommodation and support, thanks to a coalition of homelessness services, government, NGOs and other organisations.

It’s been reported that at least 750 people sleeping rough in NSW have been given temporary accommodation since the start of the Coronavirus crisis, with more to follow.

A positive outcome of this crisis would be if people sleeping rough were to be matched up with appropriate housing and support. Please sign up to the Everybody’s Home campaign calling for a better, fairer housing system for everyone. Permanent housing and support for all people sleeping rough would definitely be a silver lining to dark clouds in our sky.

Our Social Justice Small Grants program is now open. The theme of the program is ‘Justice in the digital world’ is very relevant for our country right now. The types of projects that will be prioritised are:

  • Projects that provide access to the digital world for people who are currently excluded
  • Projects that address social exclusion by helping people stay connected online
  • Projects that help protect vulnerable people from online exploitation
  • Projects that help small organisations build capacity to operate online to deliver a social justice outcome

Applications are due in by 27 April. There are more details here.