Cana Communities: Transforming lives

Cana’s Life Transformation Project helps transform the lives of men and women who have faced many difficulties. A Grant to End Homelessness was awarded to Cana to deliver the program in 2021 – 22. The program is tailored to each person’s specific needs, combining medical care, counselling, workplace education and training, and safe and secure housing.

The program was to commence on 1 July 2021, however the Covid lockdown meant that the original plans had to change. The Cana team prioritised housing, psychological support, medical care and holistic support during this period.

Halfway through the project, 16 community members are in safe and secure housing and continue to be gainfully employed at the farm. The increased reach of the online shop,,  enabled the expansion of employment opportunities.

Additionally, two community members completed their bookkeeping certificates and another two completed their tag and testing course. All are currently employed.

According to Ms Julie Sneddon, CEO of Cana,

“The objective of the program is simple. We aim to provide people with hope and dignity where there has been none, through holistic care and support.”