Celebrating 10 years of Home in a Box

Celebrating 10 years of being at the service of human dignity with our Home in a Box project!

People fall into homelessness for many reasons, but the solution is always the same. Everyone needs a safe, affordable, permanent home, with access to whatever supports are needed to face any challenges that may arise in the future.

Home in a Box was developed in consultation with a young woman who had experienced rough sleeping.  She shared the difficulties she experienced when she was finally housed, attempting to settle in and make a home without any possessions.  Recognising that there was a need to be filled, Home in a Box was created. Home in a Box is designed to help people settle into their new home, find routine and restart their lives.

Home in a Box consists of brand new, high quality sheets and towels, a dinner set, glasses, cookware, kitchenware, cutlery, toaster and kettle and dustpan and brush.

Over ten years, with the support of generous donors, we have helped create a home for more than 560 households, consisting of mums and children, single women and men, all of whom had experienced homelessness.

Our regular contact with agencies throughout Sydney reinforces the value and need of the Home in a Box service.

Recent recipients of Home in a Box:

This week we are providing a Home in a Box to a woman in her late 50’s,  who was sleeping rough and couch surfing for more than 3 months. She has a long history of domestic violence. She looks forward to starting a new life for herself and to help support her children and grandchildren. She will now be in her own home for Christmas.

A few months ago, a Home in a Box was requested for a woman in her 60’s who was sleeping rough for over a year with her cat. She was offered a permanent property which she accepted. The woman suffers from complex mental health issues and will continue to be supported into the future.  

Another caseworker shared the story of a young Aboriginal single mother with a three year old daughter.  She left her home in Queensland over a year ago to escape domestic violence and had since been couch surfing with family.  Supported by a caseworker, she signed a lease with a community housing provider and Home in a Box has helped make a comfortable and welcoming new home.

At our recent end of year celebrations, we heard from several caseworkers who spoke about their clients who had received a Home in a Box. They discussed the positive and lasting impacts that Home in a Box brings to the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged families and individuals leaving homelessness and starting a new life.

Thank you to all our generous donors and suppliers of the Home in a Box project, for helping us establish a welcoming home for more than 560 families and individuals who have experienced homelessness. We greatly appreciate your support.


Thank you to our generous suppliers:


Feedback from recipients:

“I cannot begin to thank you enough for the help and support you are providing my clients.  Home in a Box is an invaluable resource, the clients are extremely happy, grateful and it makes a huge difference in that they feel settled, relaxed, comfortable and importantly feel hopeful!”

“I am just writing to say thank you for a recent donation of Home in a Box. I honestly can not thank you enough for your generous donation. The quality of your donation was amazing, they are the nicest products I have owned in my life”.

“Just confirming that I delivered the boxes to my client last week.  He was absolutely overjoyed at receiving the items – he could not believe how many items were included and that they were brand new. He stated that the items were exactly what he needed and that they were things that were hard to get from other charities. He asked me to pass on his gratitude. He stated that he does not know what he would do without the items from the Home in a Box Project.  Once again, thank you so much.”