Delivering homes for people who need them most

Supporting Housing First in Canberra

Axial Housing is a Housing First pilot project in Canberra, developed to provide permanent housing and support to 20 people who have experienced long term homelessness, with complex needs. CatholicCare was awarded a Grant to End Homelessness to support this project. As a result of Covid-19, additional funding from the ACT Government will enable them to support another 12 people, taking the total to 32 participants.

A partnership between CatholicCare Canberra Goulburn and Housing ACT supports this initiative, along with various homelessness service providers, offering intensive outreach services to the tenants. So far, 27 people who were rough sleeping on the streets of Canberra are now in safe, permanent accommodation and are being supported by CatholicCare to help them sustain their tenancy.  The VI-SPDAT was used to help inform the decision-making regarding the type of support required for each participant. The Mercy Foundation helped five participants set up their home, through our Home in a Box program.

This pilot project finishes in November 2021. The results so far have been outstanding, turning around the lives of 27 people who were experiencing the trauma and indignity of surviving on the streets, to living in their own safe and secure home and looking forward to a healthier, brighter future.