Building self esteem for children restarting school

Zephyr Education Inc helps children impacted by domestic violence and mental health issues start or restart school by:

  • supplying them with the right uniforms and with the same stationery and other school essentials as their classmates, and
  • responding to and actioning all requests for support within 48 hours.

The project, funded under the Social Justice Small Grants program, specifically involves supporting children impacted by domestic violence at the request of organisations that specialise in providing mental health services to families.

Zephyr’s intervention ensures that children arrive at their new schools in the correct uniform and with the same school items as their new classmates, thereby boosting their self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as reducing their anxiety.

The support Zephyr provides also helps the mothers or other carers by addressing a significant expense they would otherwise have to meet.

Halfway through the project, Zephyr has provided:

  • School uniforms for 8 children
  • School stationery packs for 20 children
  • 27 pairs of school shoes
  • 25 school bags

Having the right uniforms, stationery, school bags and school shoes can make a significant difference for children restarting school. Feedback from services highlights the value of this support. As one Case Manager said, “The impact of your support is a protective factor from possible life-long self-esteem complications for the boys. ”