Home in a Box Update for December 2022

Since January, Home in a Box has helped to set up a warm and welcoming home for 110 families or individuals moving into their own home after experiencing an extended period of homelessness.  The feedback from services is that Home in a Box not only helps people to settle into their new home, it also contributes to building their sense of worth and self-esteem following a traumatic period of homelessness.

We ask services to continue to support their clients once they are in housing, to ensure that their tenancy is successful.

In recent months we have provided a Home in a Box to:

  • A woman and her young son who were homeless for 12 months after fleeing DV. The mother works part time and is trying to improve her employment prospects with study.
  • A woman in her early 30’s who was homeless for 2 years due to family violence.
  • A woman in her 40’s living with physical and mental disability who was homeless for 14 years.
  • A mum and two toddlers who fled domestic violence and could not afford to buy the basics they needed for their home.
  • In collaboration with an inner-city service, a Home in a Box was provided to two young men from rural Queensland who had experienced long bouts of homelessness. Home in a Box helped create a welcoming home from which they can rebuild their lives.

We are very grateful to Linen House, Kennards Self Storage, Maxwell & Williams, Hospitality Products, HC Distributors, the Sisters of Mercy North Sydney and all our generous donors who make Home in a  Box possible.