“It was like Christmas and birthday combined!”

When case workers deliver the Home in a Box to their client, they often tell us how grateful and surprised their clients are to receive boxes brimming with brand new, beautiful homewares, to help them start their new home.

Year to date we have delivered 52 Home in a Box sets to families and individuals who have experienced the difficulties of homelessness for more than 3 months, and are moving into their own home.

Last month we were contacted by a worker in Broken Hill NSW regarding the possibility of delivering Home in a Box sets to her clients. With the help of St Vincent’s Care Services Queensland, we were able to deliver six Homes in Boxes to women and children who will be moving into their own homes shortly.

We were recently contacted by a case manager asking for a Home in a Box for a woman in her 60’s who was homeless for more than 10 years. She had no possessions to help set up her new home and living on a low income meant she had little money to spare to buy the necessary household goods. The woman called us to express her thanks, saying that receiving the boxes was like Christmas and birthday combined.

We know that Home in a Box enables people to quickly settle into their new home and make a fresh start in life.

We are very grateful to the suppliers of the Home in a Box project, to our major donors, especially the Mater Hospital Sydney and the Sisters of Mercy North Sydney, and all our supporters who help make this program possible.