Overjoyed to finally have a home

“Our client is overjoyed that he is finally getting a place to call home”.

One positive outcome from the pandemic in NSW is the Government’s response to ensure rough sleepers are protected from the virus. Initially, rough sleepers were moved into hotels to ensure they were able to isolate and be protected from transmission. The government has since committed to housing and supporting 400 rough sleepers across NSW.

As a result, demand for Home in a Box has doubled compared to last year. Since January, we have delivered 76 Homes in Boxes to services across Sydney. The latest recipients include:

  • A 45 year old woman with an extensive history of homelessness
  • A woman and her 11 year old grandson escaping family violence, living in a refuge for many months
  • A 19 year old woman, homeless for 3 years
  • A 48 year old man, homeless for 5 years in western Sydney
  • A 46 year old man, rough sleeping for 2 years in inner Sydney
  • A mother and her 3 children, couch surfing for 3 years to escape family violence.

A safe, secure home is fundamental to our health and wellbeing. Home in a Box helps people make their new home comfortable and welcoming. Without this support, it’s difficult for people living on low incomes to make their house a home.

If you would like to donate to this project, please contact us on 02 9911 7390 or email office@mercyfoundation.com.au. You can also make an online donation online here.