Solving Homelessness

It is possible to end or prevent homelessness, as illustrated by the impressive outcomes of projects funded under the Grants to End Homelessness program.  These outcomes are achieved by the fantastic efforts and dedication of the teams in each organisation.

Brigid Justice

  • A recently funded project with Brigid Justice is helping prevent homelessness for women who are forced to flee their homes due domestic violence. To date, five women have accessed legal representation that would not otherwise have been possible. Having a lawyer enables them to obtain a just property settlement, preventing them from becoming homeless. Recipients include older women and young mums with children. As the legal proceedings are completed, the recipient repays the loan to provide funds for another person in need.

National Homeless Collective

  • Twenty-seven women and their children were prevented from becoming homeless by the timely provision of funds to pay for rental bonds and/or rent in advance. They were all fleeing violent situations and were helped to connect with support services as needed.

Lighthouse Foundation

  • Six young women escaping early or forced marriage now have the opportunity to recover from past trauma and rebuild their lives in a newly renovated home in Melbourne. A grant to Lighthouse Foundation is enabling the organisation to support young people escaping early and forced marriage and to develop the skills needed as they take steps toward independent living.

YWCA Canberra update

  • We received good news from the Rentwell project, funded in 2019, where 143 people are now living in affordable private rentals, who would otherwise be at risk of homelessness. The tenants include elderly women, single mums and their children, young refugee families and First Nations women.

We congratulate all organisations on these life-changing outcomes.