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    What does your artwork convey about ethical supply chains?
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    Quick Quiz
    (please refer to the resources about Supply Chains on our website before completion)

    *Answer a) b) c) or d) (as applicable) to the following questions:

    1) *How is ethical and sustainable purchasing solvable in 2024?
    a) By avoiding companies with a poor track record in supply chain management and buying products and services from companies who have a committed policy to ethics and sustainability.
    b) Lobbying government for better regulations and guidelines to ensure an organisation is responsible and transparent for their supply chain.
    c) all of the above.

    2) *What will determine a successful solution to an ethical and sustainable supply chain?
    a) Structural and systemic change in organisations to ensure accountability
    b) Technology solutions for issues
    c) Evidence around ethical and sustainability claims
    d) all of the above

    3) *What factors should be considered to ensure the chocolate we buy is ethical?
    a) The packaging is colourful and lists the ingredients
    b) Paying a living income to workers
    c) It tastes good
    d) None of the above

    4) *Who is responsible for ensuring ethical and sustainable supply chains?
    a) Individuals
    b) Manufacturers
    c) Government
    d) all of the above

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