2022 Recipient Norma Tracey AM

The Cath Leary Social Justice Award for 2022 is awarded to Norma Tracey, AM. For more than 60 years, Norma has dedicated her life to working with mothers, particularly new Aboriginal mothers, fathers and children, helping them to recover and heal from trauma and intergenerational trauma. This award recognises Norma’s outstanding work, effort and lifelong commitment to upholding human rights and human dignity.

The Mercy Foundation Board acknowledges Norma’s leadership in combining best practice in psycho-analytic therapy with Indigenous Australian spirituality in the Dreaming and Dadirri.

Norma has published countless papers, books, held many lectures and provided public presentations.

Norma’s latest work, entitled From Trauma to Healing, is a culmination of 62 years of clinical work. It is peer reviewed and highly acclaimed. The cash prize from this award has helped in publishing her book. Norma is working to purchase the book for distribution among Aboriginal Health workers who are unable to afford to buy it.

In 2021, Norma was recognised as an outstanding Australian and awarded Australia Day honours as a Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order or Australia, for significant service to mental health, and to Indigenous children and their families.

We congratulate Norma on her achievements, her continued hard work over many years and her significant contribution to social justice in Australia.