A Place to Call Home

13 Aug 2021

The latest report from JRS, called A Place to Call Home, reveals high levels of homelessness and financial hardship experienced by people seeking asylum.

The Mercy Foundation provided funding for the research through our Grants to End Homelessness program.

The survey asked people seeking asylum about their housing and homelessness experiences since arriving in Australia and also about their income, employment, and the impact of COVID-19 restrictions of March 2020. The survey was conducted in March 2021, and findings reflect experiences at that time and in the preceding 12 months.

The results are grim, showing high rates of homelessness (55%), the difficulties faced by people with work rights  in finding employment, extreme financial hardship resulting in severe stress, running out of money to buy food, overcrowded dwellings and evictions despite the moratorium.

The results of the survey underscore the urgent need for Federal Government support to ensure that men, women and children seeking protection in Australia do not continue to experience the dire effects of deprivation and poverty.

The report can be read here.