Australian Homelessness Monitor for 2020

19 Oct 2020

The Australian Homelessness Monitor (AHM2020)was launched today, providing an independent analysis of homelessness in Australia. This year, the report highlighted rough sleeping and the impact of COVID-19 on housing markets and homelessness.

Some key findings of the AHM2020 are:

  • In the mid-2010s, rising street homelessness appears to have crossed a threshold, prompting new state/territory government recognition of the issue as a high priority policy challenge, and inducing significantly stepped-up intervention to tackle it.
  • While COVID-19 triggered extraordinary and impressive official action in temporarily accommodating people experiencing homelessness, at this stage it appears that only a minority will benefit from permanent housing secured through the process.
  • Despite its fundamental contribution to rising homelessness, more broadly, Australian governments have continued to ignore or downplay the fundamental failings of our housing system and the need for greater official engagement and investment.

The AHM2020 is commissioned by Launch Housing and written by independent researchers from University of NSW and the University of Queensland.

The executive summary and full report can be accessed here.