Beyond Storytelling: Towards Survivor-informed Responses To Modern Slavery

30 Sep 2022

This brand new report from Anti-Slavery Australia shines light on the contribution that survivors of modern slavery can make to the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Australia’s response to modern slavery. This report challenges our current response to modern slavery and offers us the means of developing effective responses, that are led by the guidance and wisdom of survivors. The Mercy Foundation proudly supported this research through our grants program.

Drawing on survivor-authored or informed literature and interviews with survivors, survivor advocates and organisations working with survivors, this report charts the push — led by survivors — to engage with survivors in meaningful, ethical, and trauma-informed ways to improve responses to modern slavery.

This important research recognises that survivors have much to share that goes beyond their story. It recognises and values their expertise and their wisdom. Effective responses to modern slavery will only be developed with the input, guidance and in collaboration with survivors.

We congratulate Frances Simmons and Jennifer Burn for this detailed, valuable and actionable report, and sincerely thank the survivors who generously shared their wisdom and insights.

Beyond Storytelling Research Report