Bill to reframe housing as a human right

25 Jun 2024

We applaud the private members bill put forward by Kylea Tink, Federal Member for North Sydney and Senator David Pocock to reframe housing as a human right, mandating the Federal Government to make a long term plan to transform the housing system.

The proposed bill would require current and future governments to develop, implement and maintain a 10-year National Housing and Homelessness Plan in line with legislated objectives, including improving housing supply, affordability and ending homelessness. At its heart is the goal of ensuring everyone in Australia has an adequate home.

Over the last few years the Mercy Foundation has advocated for a rights based approach to housing. Homes are meant to be safe, secure and nurturing places where kids can do homework, play and thrive; where families create lasting memories over shared meals; where grandparents can pass down stories to younger generations; a place where we feel safe.

Homes are not meant to be an income generating asset in an investment portfolio for the wealthy.

Professor Jessie Hohmann is a leading expert on the right to housing. Jessie developed the booklet ‘ The right to housing: A Guide for Civil Society’ to help us advocate for housing as a human right. You can download a copy of the guide here.

We all know too well the damaging human cost when our right to housing is breached.