Share housing solutions for women over 55 years

02 Jun 2023

A group of passionate women on the Central Coast came together to address the concerning impacts the housing crisis is having on older women in their community, who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness. The group called themselves AHOW (Action on Housing for Older Women). After consulting with women directly impacted by homelessness, share housing was identified as a possible solution.  The group applied for a Grant to End Homelessness to create a model that would make share housing a safe and viable option for women in their community.

After much consultation with real estate agents, social and affordable housing providers and other community groups and organisations, the team developed a model for share housing and a Resource Kit.

The Resource Kit provides information and guides to assist individuals and organisations to develop successful share house arrangements for women over 55 in the private rental sector. The Resource Kit provides information about:

  • what is a residential tenancy?
  • what is a share house agreement?
  • establishing ground rules for share living
  • rent assistance and share living
  • pros and cons of tenancy options
  • support services

The Resource Kit offers the means to develop a Share House Agreement in conjunction with a Residential Tenancy Agreement.

The project team found that while not all women are suited to this model, it does provide a solution for some. The model and resource kit makes this project a replicable model for other communities across Australia.

The SHOW Resource Kit can be downloaded here

Download the SHOW Project Report