Protecting the rights of residents of manufactured home villages in Victoria

31 Oct 2023

Preventing and addressing the abuse of older persons living in manufactured home villages is the prime concern of the Manufactured Home Owners Association (MHOA) of Victoria. This passionate group of volunteers is committed to upholding and protecting the rights of older persons who are experiencing emotional and psychological abuse in manufactured home villages.

Most residents are 55 years or older and many are single women. Residents in land lease residential villages in Victoria have few legal protections and many are unaware of their rights and unaware of any support available.

A Social Justice Small Grant to MHOA Victoria is helping to promote, advance, maintain and safeguard the combined and individual interests of manufactured homeowners throughout Victoria, by offering support for other residents facing abuse and advocating for better protections for elderly residents of manufactured/relocatable homes and lifestyle villages elderly residents.

The first stage of the project is now complete. A website providing information, resources and membership to support owners of manufactured homes is now live.

Visit the new website