Older women’s experiences in the private rental market

07 Aug 2020

Another report released this week by Dr Emma Power of Western Sydney University presents the stories of single older women living on low incomes in the private rental sector within and around the Greater Sydney region, Australia. It presents their efforts to make home and ‘get by’ in a segment of the housing market where rising rents and short lease terms of six to twelve months are the norm. The report includes policy recommendations to address the income and housing crises experienced by single older women living in the private rental market.

Some of those recommendations are:

  • Permanently increase the new Jobseeker payment
  • Enable access to affordable housing
  • End ‘no grounds’ eviction
  • Establish quantified minimum rental housing standards
  • Provide financial assistance to help with moving costs due to ‘notice to vacate’ or rent increases.

Read the report here.