Rental affordability report reveals the dire situation for renters

01 May 2018

Yesterday, Anglicare released the Rental Affordability Snapshot, which provides information about the cost of rental accommodation across Australia. The report is produced each year in April, with data taken from local newspapers and real estate websites for rental accommodation.

The results reveal the dire situation for people looking for housing while on a low income.

In brief, of the 67,365 properties available for rent,

  • 3 properties were deemed affordable for an individual on Newstart
  • 2 properties were affordable for a person on Youth Allowance
  • 833 properties were affordable for a person on an Age Pension
  • 485 properties were affordable for a person on a Disability Support Pension.

View the report here.

These results paint a grim picture for people on low incomes searching for accommodation and reinforces the urgent need for more affordable housing across Australia.

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