Review of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth)

26 May 2023

A review of Australia’s Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) was released on 25 May. This comprehensive report covered three key questions:

  • Can a Modern Slavery Act be effective in combatting modern slavery?
  • Could the Act be more effective if changes were made to ow it is framed and administered?
  • Is the law being taken seriously?

The review put forward 30 recommendations, including:

  • Amending the Act to provide that a reporting entity is an entity that has a consolidated revenue of at least $50 million for the reporting period (currently revenue is $100 million).
  • Adding new mandatory reporting criteria that would require an entity to report on:
    • modern slavery incidents or risks identified by the entity during the reporting year
    • grievance and complaint mechanisms made available by the entity to staff members and other people, and
    • internal and external consultation undertaken by the entity during the reporting year on modern slavery risk management.
  • The Modern Slavery Act be amended to introduce penalties for specific non-compliance
  • Amendments and recommendations for the role and duties of the Anti-Slavery Commissioner and executive administration of the Modern Slavery Act.

The report can be read here.