Rough sleeping increases by 26% in NSW

13 May 2024

The NSW Street Count was completed between 1 February and 1 March this year. The findings show on increase of 26% in rough sleeping, compared to the 2023 count.

A total of 2,037 people were counted as sleeping rough in the 2024 Street Count. 348 people were counted as sleeping rough in the Byron Shire, an increase of 16%. Byron Shire accounts for the largest cohort of rough sleepers in NSW.

In the City of Sydney, 280 people were counted as sleeping rough, an increase of 1% on the year prior.

The largest increase in rough sleepers was Coffs Harbour, where the count increased from 82 to 147 people over 12 months.

This  alarming increase in numbers indicates the daunting challenges people on low incomes face in securing affordable, safe, long term housing.

Download the 2024 NSW Street Count here.