Grants awarded for 2021

Congratulations to the following organisations that were awarded a Grant to End Homelessness. The focus for the 2021 grants program was preventing and ending homelessness for older women.

  1. National Homeless Collective Ltd: Seed funding for the Sisters in Safe Housing project will provide repayable loans for bond and rent in advance to older women (45 years and over) and women experiencing chronic homelessness, to help vulnerable women across metropolitan Melbourne secure housing and avoid or escape homelessness.
  2. CatholicCare Wilcannia Forbes: The ‘My time’ project will be delivered in the Forbes Parkes region and will target women 50 years and older who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  A support worker will exclusively work with older women, offering a tailored wraparound service, supporting her in addressing her most urgent needs, including housing.
  3. Zonta International and QShelter: This project will deliver innovative financial products to enable women over 45 years to overcome barriers that prevent them from accessing an affordable, appropriate home. Innovative housing options are urgently needed to provide more homes for women facing homelessness in their retirement years.
  4. Baptcare Camberwell: This project will provide housing and support for  women seeking asylum, over 55 years, at risk of homelessness. They will be assisted to gain employment and the skills needed to transition to independence.
  5. Women’s Housing Company: This exciting new initiative will help solve homelessness for women with high and complex needs and prevent them from falling into homelessness in the future.
  6. Cana Communities: The Life Transformation Project works with disadvantaged men and women and provides them with the opportunity to engage in counselling, vocational training, workplace readiness and education programs and access safe, long term housing.